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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

jvp batch 21 dictionary

I caught myself laughing at this. This is the dictionary my batchmates and I collated on terms about our JVP year. Batchmates, this is for you.

JVP Batch 21 Dictionary

(OrSem Edition)

(This rare information is only for those who can say "MAMA" in the very strict sense defined between logic and humor)

Edited by: [not qualified for editing]
Published by: JVP Batch 21
Printed by: HP 5L Laser Jet printer
Distributed by: Philippine Postal Service (do not delay)

{some important instructions on how to use this dictionary}
1st, forgive the author, the editor, the publisher and others. Wala lang silang magawa na matino.
2nd, read.
3rd, enjoy coz I LOVE YOU BATCHMATES.


Alumnay (Alumni): meaning matanda na (example: all batches less than 20)

Ann (Ann P. Tadeo): the other nanay of JQ and Nono; bakit mas malakas pa siyang umiyak?; a bonified member of The Nice Girls Club; B19/20 (still please refer to Alumnay)

Anna (Anna Marie M. Ando): aka Judy Ann, the partner of Wowie; moderator ng Formal Teaching; B19 (please refer to Alumnay)

Apple (Karen Apple O. Gamutan, Porac #21015): hinde ito mansanas; ala-edgar allan poe kapag sumulat; our Aiza Seguerra look-alike (wake up little susie) who spells both passion and compassion

April (April Joy L. Jaucian, Kabangkalan #21019): responds conversation in 4 distinct words: "oh my gaad, seriousss?"; ms. Ilocos empanada and B21’s version of Teray; inuna ang JVP bago law school; loves only quosai

Batch 21 (B21): composed of 30 highly distinct and intellegent species, brainstormed by the cunning staff to harness, with the principles of spirituality, service, simplicy, subversion and solidarity; an epitone characterized by modern insanity (ex. Baba Mo, Mama, Fafa, Pit Senor, Dutchess, TABA, Sex Bomb, I Love You Batchmates, etc.); believers of luck, superstitions, and discos (itaas ang kamay, i-wagayway); God's cute and lovable children

Bell (kling): the cause of interupted rest and pleasure, kaya't itapon ang bell

Blas (Blas Ofelie S. Descallar): aka Wowie, partner ni Judy Ann; may sariling foundation na (o kaya nyo yun?); B16 (please refer to Alumnay)

Bobdee (Bob Dylan C. Ehhhemmm, Borongan #21011): if Esmi is the batch song bird, Bobdee is the batch wood pecker; the official host of DTDG - only available at Room 306; baba mo!

Boracay (beach!!!): the only mid-year and yearend spot for B21

Burg (Ma. Imburgh O. Calleja, Cabanglasan, #21004): wat's up doc?; kamukha niya ang kapatid niya (obvious ba?)

Cez (Cecil C. Apigo, Bindum #21001): the new Bindum princess; mantika kung matulog; the tagay queen of B20 (cheers); a repeater

Cindy (Hyacinth Claire P. Tanseco, Bulan #21028): a flower and a stick by nature; together with Ryan, they can demonstrate the kamasutra 2000; lingid sa kaalaman ng mga tao, may hidden talent si Cindy sa pagguhit! go Bulan 21!

(Esther S. Chanao, Paitan #21006): chocks, the another edition of Igorota turned into JVP; superman and mcgyver rolled into one!; silent waters runs deep

Corned Beef (de lata): the official breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks presented as apetizer, soup, maindish, rice, juice by SHRH made only for B21


Dalaga Drink (ni Nanay): a mixed drink of Tanduay and Iced Tea Lemon, did the batch liked it? ginawa lang itong tubig ni Jay boy!

Dondi M. (Philip Marcel R. Mapa): naku be careful, may abu sayaf dito; cute and malaswa in shorts; the undisputed blooper king; B18/19 (please refer to Alumnay)

Dondi R. (Jose Maria A. Rodriguez): pumbi for short; the crush ang bayan awardee; playing the guitar for him is just like using a condom; Sir Joe ng B21; B20 (please refer to Alumnay by the end of October)

Dons (Donna Marie M. Vergara, CDO #21030): my secret talent pala in cooking; the siren of psychology requested for a kodak KB10 as her bilmoko . . . sa halagang P699.00 (ang cheap)!

Errol (Arthur W. Nebrao, Jr., Muntinlupa #21021): the official bar tender of Room 306; shadow of Nono and other whites alike; good and virgin boy (please pass the soap); icebreaker king, alter-‘Nay Rosing, Mariah Carey (“I’d give my all”) masahista … faith, hope and love personified; a repeater

Esmi (Esmeralda E. Medina, Borongan #21020): take a look at her and you will say "Coney Reyes is STILL on camera"; the batch song bird - Lea S., step a side! winner teacher sa STP … one of our “bicol boys”

Franz (Frances Pafa Cantillo, Kabangkalan #21005): introducing the only living dutchess in the Philippines, Mabuhay! it is not sure about its gender, it depends on the weather climate, a member of the T.A.B.A. (please refer to Mia); the uncredited member of the Rosalinda fans club


Gen (Genieta G. Gaya, Bulan #21016): promoted as assistant teacher; together with Cindy, battlecry nila this year “magpapataba kami ni Cindy!”; a repeater

Gian (Gianna Claire M. Enderiz, Payatas #21012): the only place she knows where to go is SM North, SM Mega Mall, basta may SM; pero when you meet her there, mawawala pa rin kayo; when you think of garbage, think of Gian

Ive (Ivy H. Caballero, Cabangan #21003): pit senor! our small but terrible (but lovable) sto niño; para siyang deoderant - won't let you down;


Jay (Emil Francis B. de Quiros, Zamboanga #21008): sexy fatboyrosqui, a lifesaver to the swimming 101 class; also a member of the T.A.B.A.; ang bagong millionario ng batch; simply irresistable

Jesuit Volunteers Philippines Foundation Inc. (JVP na lang, mahaba kasi eh): the institution who plotted all these disorientation for both the volunteers and alumnays; the giver (para sa walang pera) and taker (para sa may pera) of subsidies; with it, life is ruined for eternity; because of all of these, we will not trade it for anything else

John (John Traya, accordingly, is not John Traya, Cebu #21029): never been kissed, doubtful, never been touched, undescribable!; straight-forward, pero kapag lumabas ang topak, he drives the whole batch crazy!

J.S.K. (Patrick Gerard C. Simon-King, Miarayon #21027): composed of J , S , K with matching suntok to the heart effect (go batchmates!);

JVP Cross (+++++): symbol of the 5 S’s; worth 0.55 centavos in a local pawnshop, kaya't useless din kapag nasanla ito (ang wise ng Central Office)

JQ (Joaquin Miguel Z. Hizon, Napsan #21017): okatokat; malaria approved

Kale (Kale Alphe F. Ramos, Cabangan #21023): the one and only sex bomber queen (sex bomb, sex bomb, you're a sex bomb); move over Donna Cruz! this one is predicted to be a mother of 12 in 5 years (sensual kasi sumayaw!

Leng (Charlene S. Paleguin, Porac #21022): Anima Christi dancer for hire; super ang tama kay M.L. (Mr. Labadoo uuuyyyyy)

Letter Cycle (sulat sa papel): eh di cycle ng mga letters, ano pa ba?; a form of support system and communication among volunteers

Love (Lovella Virlan L. Dorero, PCMC #21009): kayo ba ay malungkot at walang ginagawa? kari kamu sa helping hands at lahat ng inyong mga problema ay solb na!


Maita (Maria Margarita Pepina C. Madroño): former Bindum queen B20 (please refer to Alumnay by the end of October) favorite asset - the shorts! (bahala na ako mamatay basta naka shorts lang ako)

Mark (Mark Anthony C. Brazil, Miarayon #21002): the gentle giant; he can invade the pool like mighty joe young (yahoo), willing to make friendship bands to raise the 25M endowment fund (kaya mo yan kid);

Mia (Ma. Angela Socorro S. Cruise - not related to Tom, Paitan #21007): Mia is April and Ruffa Mae Q. after yearend; a member of the T.A.B.A. (Total Abolishion of Body Acquired) squad - a division of the SEX Bombers; be careful! if all T.A.B.A. squad combines, it spells riot and kaos; a best friend anyone can ask for

Nel (Arnel Sanchez, Cebu #21026): kapag tapos na ang misa, siya ay nawawala parang bula ... Zzzzz, the kuya of all JVPs and a tatay to his siblings (mas matanda pa yata siya kay Nanay)

Nono (Noelle R. Flores, Napsan #21013): or commonly know as Nunu, kapag ginalaw mo siya lagot ka sa mga kulam niya; soon to be crowned hirit queen; malaria approved; ang mahal na bunso ng batch

Norie (Norie C. Malazarte): the other meaning of POVS (Private Order for Volunteer Satisfaction - sayaw Norie, sayaw Norie!); B16/17 (please refer to Alumnay)


Peace (muuaahh!): the secret fraternity code of JVPs; favorite part of the mass; a form of sexual harrashment

Pia (Ma. Johanna Pia G. Ortiz-Luis, wow man ang haba): Ate P for short is the new RDO; watch out for this Mama, she bites!; B18/19 (please refer to Alumnay)

Ros (Rosalyn-dah Pia N. Robles, Cabanglasan #21024): because of the present administration, nag-JVP is Tita Cory (handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo); our chemical-slash-computer engineer and dakilang female acolyte!

Rose (Rosemarie M. Cabrera): the mother of all pearls; doesn't understand the phrase "Warning: Cigerette Smoking is dangerous to your health"; B10/11 (it is recommended to refer to Alumnay)

Ryan (Ryan Rolf P. Fuentes, Bindum #21014): self proclaimed Fr. Ryan; the offical prayer leader before meals; supermodel siya kapag may nakaharap na camera


Sacred Heart Retreat House (SHRH): the place to be for the OrSem and katarsis.

Sandee (Sandra C. Saavedra, Libangon #21025): Sister Sandee for short, yun lang, very short; ms. emotional lalo na sa usaping tatay!

Shal (Alice J. Inovejas, Davao #21018): motherly megan; ang poste ng batch; the only female guitarist sa B21; a repeater

Sportsfest (laro): a yearly competition among volunteers for testing one’s physical endurance and stability; we are doing this for fun and building a commoradery among friends (go batchmates!)

STP (Sexually Transmitted Program): first we’ll teach you, then we’ll harass you; a program designed for the development and improvement of skills, whether in teaching, formal or non-formal, socio-economic or socio-pastoral, in 3 days (kayo na bahala sa 257 days sa area hahaha)

Tatit (Noreen Gisela J. Quiblat): pochahontas; dancing queen, este dance instructress by nature, so watch and learn; B19 (please refer to Alumnay)

TSP (Tadyakan at Suntukan ng mga Partners): a venue for sharing and praying of partners as well as volunteers in general; a form of support system


Venia (Ma. Venia N. Dorog, Libangon #21010): the grade schooler who turned as a teacher (Ma'am totoo ka bang teacher?); B21’s small wonder only to become Libagon’s best faculty member yet!

Volunteer (ball loon tear): willing to go anywhere and willing to do anything; ayan kase, ano napala mo, naku sa huli ang pagsisisi talaga, pero sige lang, para sa KANYA, magmahal ok?

Copyright © 2000
Jesuit Volunteers Philippines Batch 21
® er2ol@graffiti.net

No part of this dictionary may be reproduced without permission from the B21 publishers.

Special Thanks to the Mindoro Connections without them this wouldn’t be possible, Nescafe for forcing me to finish this even when I am asleep, B21 volunteers and staff for the inspiration, and HIM who loves us all!


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